Rear End Truck Collision

A jury awarded $9,000,000 to two people injured in early 2008.  A refrigerator truck made an unsafe lane change that forever changed the lives of driver’s of two other cars.

Susan Lutz, 51, of Fresno,was awarded nearly $2 million in damages.  Lutz suffered a brain injury in the April 2008 collision and has vertigo for the rest of her life.

The panel awarded $7.3 million to Clarice Brewer, 56, also of Fresno. Brewer can no longer walk because of the collision and uses a wheelchair.

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Tractor Trailer Rear End Collision

Anita Gibbs was one of four Kansas City women who died in 2006 while on their way to celebrate a family wedding anniversary. While they were stopped for another accident east of Columbia, a tractor-trailer rig slammed into the rear of their car.
The truck driver, Albright, was tried in 2008 on four counts of second-degree manslaughter and found not guilty.

But at the civil trial, attorneys argued that Albright was tired as he drove and that he falsified his trucking logs to indicate that he’d rested an adequate amount.

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