The Center for Disease Control, with the support of the National Football League, has created a FREE program online for health care professionals.  The course teaches what these professionals need to know about concussion among young athletes.  The intent to is educate professionals in recognizing, diagnosing and treating head injures from sports activities.  This important information has become a hot button issue in primary and secondary education as well as in professional sports.

An overview of the course content is to:

• Examine current research on what may be happening to the brain after a concussion
• Understand why young people are at increased risk
• Explore acute concussion assessment and individualized management of young athletes to help prepare for diagnosing and managing concussions
• Learn about the 5-Step Return to Play progression and helping athletes safely return to school and play
• Focus on prevention and preparedness to help keep athletes safe season-to-season
• Receive continuing education credits through the American College of Sports Medicine

To view the course or for more information, visit: