Congratulations to President Obama on his successful campaign for re-election. President Obama successfully passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) otherwise known as "Obamacare" in his first term and the Brain Injury Alliance of Nevada (BIAN) looks forward to supporting the Obama Administration to implement PPACA in the states.


Brain Injury Alliance of Nevada strongly supports the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because the mandatory benefit categories and non-discrimination provisions assured all Americans, including individuals who sustain brain injuries, would have access to high quality, comprehensive, affordable health care, regardless of their state of residency.


Brain Injury Alliance of Nevada sincerely appreciates the work of Obama’s administration and that of Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden on behalf of our wounded warriors. We should all continue to work with the Obama administration to ensure the hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan that return with a traumatic brain injury receive the care they deserve.


We can also congratulate the Champions in the Senate where Democrats remain in the majority. The Brain Injury Alliance of Nevada also looks forward to continue to support advocacy efforts in the House of Representatives with the leadership from the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force (CBITF) and Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr, Chair of the CBITF. The House of Representatives majority remains Republican.


Congress reconvenes on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 for the lame duck session.