Psychotropic Drug THC has both Healing and Neurological-Protective Properties

THC (cannabis) has the power to heal and protect the brain, a new study shows.  That’s right. Medical cannabis is often used by sufferers of chronic ailments, including cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, to combat pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, and other symptoms.

A professor at Tel Aviv University’s Adelson Center for the Biology of Addictive Diseases at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine says that cannabis has been shown to have healing properties in mice when taken after a traumatic brain injury.  Moreover, by taking cannabis before traumatic brain injury, it actually has neurological protective qualities.

Professor Sarne’s current research, published in the journals Behavioural Brain Research and Experimental Brain Research, demonstrates that:

" even extremely low doses of THC — around 1,000 to 10,000 times less than that in a conventional marijuana cigarette — administered over a wide window of 1 to 7 days before or 1 to 3 days after injury can jumpstart biochemical processes which protect brain cells and preserve cognitive function over time."

 In Nevada, the2013 legislature made getting medical marijuana legal from designated dispensaries.  Woulda thunk we would be heeding Bob Dylan’s advice that "Everybody must get…?"