Brain LipidsThe concept of being able to boost the health of the brain with good nutrition is really very exciting.  Lipids are good for the Brain.  New research shows lipids boost the brain.  That’s right, fat is brain fuel.

Researchers have pursued an investigation of the effect of lipids which bear polyunsaturated chains when they are integrated into cell membranes. The researchers have observed the presence of these lipids makes the membranes more malleable and therefore they become more sensitive to deformation and fission by proteins.

The presence of these lipids in the brain in abundance could represent a major advantage for cognitive function. This research has been published in the journal Science. It has been concluded that by decreasing the energetic cost of membrane bending and fission polyunsaturated phospholipids may help to support rapid endocytosis.

This research has clarified an understanding of why consuming oils which are high in polyunsaturated fatty acid content, in particular those containing omega-3s, is good for brain health. A good source of omega-3 is cold water oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Eating more of this type of fish may really improve brain health.