Concussion in Military

Ms. Cheryl K. Chumley posted the following blog about the use of defective helmets for the military: defective since they can actually make blast head injury worse than with no helmet.  Ms. Chumley
Displayed the following with permission from The Washington Times.

The post brings up helmet issues.  Nowadays you see skiers, horseback riders, and most other sports with physical contact participants, wearing protective gear and specifically helmets. The trend is in response to what we now know about repeat trauma to the head.  In the case of the military there are injuries relating to explosion blasts.  Blasts have shockwaves that put excessive force on the body and head, and the brain inside that head.

A helmet designed by the U.S. military to protect soldiers from traumatic brain injuries during explosions could actually cause worse medical damage, researchers concluded.

The Army Times reported that officials with the Naval Research Laboratory have been testing a myriad of designs on the helmet, which is called the Conformal Integrated Protective Headgear System and which nearly covers the face of the wearer.

But they haven’t been able to find a prototype that truly protects the jaw and face from blasts, while at the same time prevents the skull from suffering more damage from the waves that emanate from the bombs or explosions, The Blaze reported.

Researchers are concluding that while the helmet may cover more of the face, it doesn’t actually protect from more explosive effects.

“In some cases, waves trapped by the geometry produced increased pressure when reduced pressure was expected,” the researchers found. “Specific injury mechanisms and prediction of injury severity … remains elusive.”