Preserving Your

Constitutional Right to

Protect You and Your


This legislative session, bills have been introduced into the Nevada Legislature that threaten your constitutional right to protect you and your family. The 7th amendment in the Bill of Rights in our U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to a trial by jury as recourse for harm done to any citizen. These proposed new laws, which are really new government regulations to severely limit your rights, are being rushed through the legislative process at unprecedented speed, with almost no time for public input.

Here are Just a Few Examples of Those Bills:

Legislation that would substantially erode the ability of homeowners to take legal action to get shoddy workmanship in their home repaired in a timely fashion. Legislation that would virtually take away the ability of an injured person to hold the seller of dangerous products accountable, which would have protected, for example, the companies responsible for the Hepatitis C outbreak in Clark County. Legislation that would give insurance companies an unfair advantage over consumers, depriving victims of their opportunity to recover their claims, which just puts more money in the pockets of insurance companies at the expense of the wronged party.  We need your help in fighting these threats to our fundamental rights. Our legislators need to hear that their constituents oppose these new government regulations to limit their constitutional rights. To learn more about these issues and how you can help by contacting your legislators, please visit: