Did you know that Traumatic Brain Injury has been shown to Lead to Road Rage?

According to a new study published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, Ontario adult drivers who say they have experienced at least one traumatic brain injury in their lifetime also report significantly higher incidents of serious road-related driving aggression, said a new study. Serious driver aggression includes: making threats to hurt a fellow driver, passenger or vehicle. These individuals also reported significantly higher odds of being involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in hurting themselves, their passenger or their vehicle.

This may be due to increased irritability and lack of patience for those suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury.  All too often the inability to process normally information, a typical sign, symptom or consequence of traumatic brain injury, leads to aggression and hostility.  These issues can best be dealt with by a medical provider familiar with the problems we see in traumatically brain injured people.