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Inflammation After Traumatic Brain Injury

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Tim March 2016 (450x800)Researchers identify how inflammation spreads through the brain after injury and Findings could transform understanding of brain injury, disease The concept of Traumatic Brain Injury being a “process” and not just an “event,” has been discussed by experts in recent years.  A new study published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation may change our perception of neuro-degeneration. This new… Continue Reading

Brain Injury Causes Chronic Degenerative Changes

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mri_brainThere is a widespread misunderstanding about the true nature of traumatic brain injury and how it causes chronic degenerative problems, researchers argue. The authors propose that chronic brain damage and neuropsychiatric problems after trauma are largely caused by long-term inflammation in the brain. They say inflammation is a key culprit behind the symptoms linked with… Continue Reading