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National Institutes of Health Brain Injury

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Tim TitoloAs I review updated web sites I come across Pertinent information.  For instance, below is a page from NIH about Brain Injury.  It contains several sub links per topic. This makes getting answers to your questions easier. Risks to Cognitive Health  Genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors are all thought to influence cognitive health. Some of… Continue Reading

American Health Care Act Limits Brain Injury

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At a time when Americans are concerned about health care being too expensive, the AHCA raises premiums 20 percent, charges people over the age of 50 five times more than younger enrollees and increases out-of-pocket costs and deductibles while leaving 24 million more people uninsured. The changes made yesterday to Essential Health Benefits make coverage… Continue Reading

Delivery of Drugs For Brain Injuries

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Brain LipidsA new study led by scientists at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) describes a technology that could lead to new therapeutics for traumatic brain injuries. The discovery, published in Nature Communications, provides a means of homing drugs or nanoparticles to injured areas of the brain. About 2.5 million people in the US… Continue Reading

What is Neuroscience?

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 Neuroscience has origins dating back to 500 B.C.E. Arguably even earlier evidence exits that Egyptian civilization studied the nervous system in 1700 B.C.E  Varying views on the brain began to emerge in Ancient Greece. Alcmaeon, believed to be a student of Pythagoras, wrote that the brain is where the mind is; he was probably the first… Continue Reading

Channel 3 Las Vegas Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Series

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 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder It came to my attention last week that while I was blogging a series about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during the month of February, there was something similar going on.  Dan Ball of Channel 3 News in Las Vegas (KSNV) was running a series on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for soldiers… Continue Reading

New Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

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 Currently there are no drugs with which to treat and cure brain injury. Standard treatment is supportive: stabilizing the patient, maintaining other vital functions such as blood pressure and breathing, treating other injuries, minimizing infections, and monitoring swelling. Blogger David S. Casey writes about a new study.   A promising new treatment for traumatic brain injury,… Continue Reading

Mysteries of the Brain

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MSNBC covered a piece on brain injury recently.  With reference to Congresswoman Gifford, and other notable survivors of traumatic brain injury, the story looks at the progress we have made concerning the identity of brain injury and how to treat it.  Even with the progress, however, there remains much more about the brain we do… Continue Reading

Trucking Injury Compensation

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Rear End Truck Collision A jury awarded $9,000,000 to two people injured in early 2008.  A refrigerator truck made an unsafe lane change that forever changed the lives of driver’s of two other cars. Susan Lutz, 51, of Fresno,was awarded nearly $2 million in damages.  Lutz suffered a brain injury in the April 2008 collision… Continue Reading

Brain Injury Blood Test

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Detecting Brain Injury, especially in trauma cases, is difficult.  Usually emergency medical technicians and emergency room physicians focus on the most pressing and visible injuries: blood gushing wounds and the like. When a person comes to the ER with a TBI, doctors must determine if there is any bleeding in the brain.  Bleeding can cause… Continue Reading

Brain Injury, Psychiatry, Faith and Religion

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In a new book titled "Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries," the author considers why and how, when and where religion (and spirituality) are at stake in the life of psychiatric patients.  The interface between psychiatry and religion is explored at different levels, varying from daily clinical practice to conceptual fieldwork. Religion is one subject that… Continue Reading