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Traumatic Brain Injury Victims versus President Trump and Republican Congress

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BIAAThe Brain Injury Association of America enriches us with activity in government updates.  Of particular interest is the deconstruction of our nation’s health care. The Affordable Care Act is being dismantled in favor of a yet unknown substitute. Recently President Trump called for an investigation of alleged Obama wire taps accusing President Obama of listening… Continue Reading

Congratulations President Obama

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 Congratulations to President Obama on his successful campaign for re-election. President Obama successfully passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) otherwise known as "Obamacare" in his first term and the Brain Injury Alliance of Nevada (BIAN) looks forward to supporting the Obama Administration to implement PPACA in the states.   Brain Injury Alliance… Continue Reading

Obama’s Fight Against Alzheimer’s

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The number of American patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is expected to rise from the current 5.4 million to 16 million by 2050, burdening the healthcare system with costs project to soar to a trillion dollars.  The plan, known as The National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), which Obama signed into law in Feb 2012, will attempt development… Continue Reading

Health Care Reform To Detect Alzheimer’s

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According to the Society of Actuaries, the leading cause of U.S. long-term care claims is Alzheimer’s, the brain disease that renders over 5 million Americans unable to handle all the acts of daily living unaided. President Obama states in an article he wrote "What Health Care Reform Means for the Alzheimer’s Community" — that the… Continue Reading

What Now for Health Care?

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Frankly, I am not one of those bleeding heart plaintiff lawyers.  I absolutely believe in compensation for preventable injuries, too often mislabeled "accidents."  But I also believe in accountability and reasonable expectation of risk assumption when engaging in many of life’s activities.  In essence I believe the pendulum swings both ways – too far one… Continue Reading

Tort Reform Experimentation

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President Barack Obama can look to a variety of models as he seeks to fulfill a pledge to fund state tort reform experiments, a longtime wish-list item for physicians, the New York Times reports. States have so far tried a few approaches, with mixed results, and considered more. They include, a cap on non-economic damages… Continue Reading

Culture Change: Caring for Vets

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President Obama yesterday spoke with Veterans in Arizona.  He told them that traumatic brain injury and PTSD are the new wounds of war.  Those veterans in Vietnam and other wars who came home only to have depression, alcohol abuse, job loss, and the other "dominoes"  that fall for veterans can be substantially dealt with if treatment is… Continue Reading